Get a refurbished silver 2018 iPad 6 for just $230


The 2018 iPad 6th generation model offers a great balance of performance, features, and value – even years after its release. And buying refurbished can make this iPad an even bigger bargain. Here is a comprehensive guide on how to score a refurbished silver 2018 iPad 6 for only $230.

Choose Refurbished
Buying Apple-certified refurbished products is a smart way to save money. Refurb iPads are thoroughly tested, repaired, cleaned, and repackaged by Apple with brand new shells and batteries. They even come with the same 1-year Apple warranty as buying new. Supplies are limited, but you can often find refurbished 2018 iPad 6 models on Apple’s website for $279 – a $50 savings off the original $329 MSRP.

Pick Color & Capacity
The 2018 iPad 6 originally came in three colors: silver, gold, and space gray. Silver tends to be the most available refurbished color option. It has a classic, neutral Apple look that matches well with various cases. For capacity, the 32GB model is typically the best value unless you plan to store lots of large files locally. 32GB is sufficient for light apps, games, music, photos, etc.

Watch for Sale Prices
Apple periodically discounts refurb prices by an extra 10-15%. Wait for one of these sale events, when you may see the refurb iPad 6 offered for $239-$249 instead of the usual $279. Refurb stock is limited, so act fast if you see the model you want at the sale price. Sign up for alerts on refurb price drops at sites like for notifications.

Use Coupon Codes
Some websites like MacOfAllTrades offer coupon codes that can take an additional $10-$50+ off Apple refurb prices when shopping on the Apple Refurbished Store. Search for sites that track/promote such coupons and remember to use them at checkout along with your email signup discount.

Stack Cash Back Offers
Cashback services like Rakuten let you earn money back on Apple refurb purchases. Sign up for a free Rakuten account, enable cash back at the Apple Refurb Store, then click through Rakuten and buy your refurb iPad to receive a check for 1-10% of the purchase amount. Every little bit saved helps.

Sell Old Devices
Check your drawers and closets for any unused electronics like old iPads, tablets, laptops or smartphones. Sites like Gazelle, Decluttr and ItsWorthMore will buy these – often $25-$100+ for older iPads. Sell your devices to earn extra cash you can put towards your refurbished iPad 6.

Save on Tax
Apple charges sales tax on refurb orders based on your shipping address. But if you have friends/family in another state with lower/no sales tax, ship to their address then have them forward the package on to you. This tax loophole alone could save you $15-$30 on a refurb iPad purchase.

Use Credit Card Rewards
Check if you have a credit card that offers bonus reward points or incentives for Apple purchases. Points earned could be applied as a statement credit to help lower the effective price paid. Consider using the card to buy gift cards to use on your Apple refurb order.

Pay with Gift Cards
Speaking of gift cards, always watch for opportunities to buy discounted Apple gift cards at 10-15% off face value. Then use these at checkout on the refurb iPad to lower price paid. Discount gift card sites like CardCash offer such deals if you can find iPad-eligible cards in stock.

Wait for Bundle Offers
Apple will sometimes bundle accessories like cases or Pencils with refurb iPad purchases at a discount. If you see a package offered with the accessories you need for less than buying separately, go for the bundle. Again limited supply, so buy quickly if you see one.

Finance with PayPal Credit
Consider financing your refurb iPad purchase with PayPal Credit’s 6 months special financing offer. It’s an easy way to break up payments over time interest-free. Just make sure to pay off the iPad before the promo period ends to avoid retroactive interest charges.

With the right combination of these tactics – discounted refurb unit, sale prices, coupon codes, cash back bonuses, device trade-ins, tax loopholes, credit card rewards, Apple gift cards, and financing offers – you can likely score a refurbished Silver 2018 iPad 6th Gen in the $230 ballpark. It just takes a bit of effort and deal hunting to optimize savings on an already-discounted refurb model for maximum value.

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