This $59 Anker MagSafe charger offers something Apple’s doesn’t


Apple revolutionized wireless charging for iPhones with the introduction of MagSafe on the iPhone 12 lineup. Leveraging integrated magnets, MagSafe provides faster charging speeds and convenient mounting capabilities compared to standard Qi charging.

But while Apple’s own MagSafe charger delivers the core technology, third-party brands like Anker are now enhancing the experience even further. Specifically, Anker’s new $59 PowerWave Magnetic Pad offers adjustable angles that Apple’s charger lacks.

In this guide, we’ll compare Anker’s angled MagSafe offering versus Apple’s charger to see if the extra functionality warrants recommending over Apple’s official option.

An Overview of MagSafe Charging

First, let’s recap the key benefits of MagSafe wireless charging:

– MagSafe uses magnets to align chargers with iPhone 12 and newer models for optimal contact.

– This enables faster 15W charging speeds compared to standard 5-7.5W Qi charging.

– The magnetic attachment also enables convenient mounting options, like in-car holders.

– Apple’s official $39 MagSafe charger connects via USB-C.

– Compatible cases feature MagSafe integration without blocking magnets.

– The back of the iPhone now contains an embedded magnet ring.

– Non-Apple MagSafe accessories leverage the same magnetic system.

MagSafe solved issues with proper coil alignment that could inhibit Qi charging. The result is faster, easier wireless charging. Now third parties like Anker aim to expand possibilities.

Anker PowerWave Magnetic Pad Features

Anker’s recently launched PowerWave Magnetic Pad looks quite similar to Apple’s white charger at first glance. But upon closer inspection, it provides a foldable rear hinge allowing adjustable angles:

– Hinge allows positioning the charger between 0° to 60° angles.

– Angled mounting enables easier viewing and usage while charging.

– Collapses flat for travel just like Apple’s MagSafe charger.

– Includes a 5 ft USB-C to USB-C cable for connectivity.

– Charges at full 15W MagSafe speeds with iPhone 12 models or later.

– LED indicator glows green when properly aligned and charging.

– Also charges AirPods models with MagSafe cases.

This adjustable angled design stands out as the main differentiator versus Apple’s charger. Otherwise, core charging performance remains similar.

Benefits of an Angled MagSafe Charger

So what exactly are the benefits of Anker’s angled MagSafe charger compared to Apple’s flat non-adjustable version?

– Able to angle iPhone in landscape or portrait orientation.

– Helps see and interact with screen more easily while charging.

– Less strain on your hand, wrist, and neck while using.

– Pad sticks to magnets better at an angle which improves stability.

– Adjustability makes it easy to achieve the optimal viewing angle.

– Can serve as an elevated stand for video calling.

– Fits in car mounts and other accessories at an angle.

While a small enhancement, the hinged design adds nice ergonomic and versatility improvements for daily use.

Anker vs. Apple MagSafe Charger

Here’s a direct side-by-side comparison of the Anker PowerWave Magnetic Pad versus Apple’s MagSafe Charger:

– Price: Anker $59 vs. Apple $39

– Angled design: Anker yes vs. Apple no

– Charging speed: Both 15W MagSafe rate

– Cable length: Anker 5 ft vs. Apple 1 m (3 ft)

– Colors: Anker white vs. Apple white or black

– Materials: Both made of plastic

– Size and portability: Nearly identical when folded

Overall, the Anker’s foldable design is its single clear differentiator. Otherwise, both deliver fundamentally the same 15W magnetic charging performance thanks to adherence to the open MagSafe standard.

Should You Buy Anker’s MagSafe Charger?

Anker’s angled MagSafe charger delivers noticeable ergonomic benefits over Apple’s. But is the upgrade worth $20 more? Consider these factors:

– If you primarily use your phone while charging, the viewing angle is useful.

– Frequent video calling, streaming, or gaming while charging justifies the perk.

– If you have a car mount, the angle insert stability.

– Less important if charging overnight or not using phone actively.

– Longer 5 ft cable of Anker nicer for reaching outlets.

– Matte white plastic matches Apple’s color option.

– Anker 2 year warranty matches Apple support.

Ultimately the angled design at a $59 price point gives Anker’s charger an edge for those who value usability improvements while charging throughout the day. But Apple’s reliable $39 standard model still can’t be beat for simple overnight charging needs.

Other Notable MagSafe Accessories

Beyond Anker and Apple’s offerings, other brands now provide unique MagSafe chargers and mounts:

– Belkin BoostCharge Pro 3-in-1 has an integrated Apple Watch charger alongside the MagSafe pad for simultaneous charging.

– ESR HaloLock features a transparent circle to better see your iPhone’s MagSafe ring alignment.

– Satechi 2-in-1 Stand pairs MagSafe with an Apple Watch charging dock for a clean nightstand solution.

– TechMatte MagGrip air vent car mount uses ultra-strong magnets for driving navigation.

– Nimble Disc-Tech MagSafe Tripod Grip sticks securely to iPhone for creative photography and videography.

Thanks to MagSafe’s open ecosystem, more special-purpose accessories and chargers continue emerging. Anker’s initial foldable charger exemplifies how third-parties can push innovation beyond Apple’s own MagSafe products.


MagSafe opened a new era of convenient iPhone wireless charging. Anker’s PowerWave Magnetic Pad demonstrates how third party brands can enhance experiences beyond Apple’s offerings through purposeful design tweaks like the adjustable angled mount.

For those who regularly use their iPhone while charging, Anker’s ergonomic upgrade merits the modest additional cost. But Apple’s charger remains a reliable choice for basic charging needs. As MagSafe continues proliferating, more valuable accessories can be expected that solve unique user pain points through clever engineering.

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