The Rise of Snackbot: How a Robot is Revolutionizing 7-Eleven Deliveries


7-Eleven, the iconic American convenience store chain, has been a staple of many neighborhoods for over 90 years. Known for its massive selection of drinks, snacks, and other essential items, 7-Eleven stores are open 24 hours a day and provide customers with convenient access to quick bites and beverages. However, in recent years, 7-Eleven has been looking for ways to evolve and keep up with changing consumer preferences. One of their biggest innovations? The introduction of Snackbot – an autonomous snack-delivery robot.

The Origins of Snackbot

In 2016, 7-Eleven began a pilot program at select university campuses in the United States. The goal was to test a ground-delivery robot that could navigate sidewalks and roads to bring customers their favorite 7-Eleven snacks and beverages on-demand. 7-Eleven partnered with Nuro, a robotics company, to create a custom autonomous vehicle named Snackbot.

Nuro’s engineers designed Snackbot from the ground up to transport 7-Eleven orders efficiently and safely. Snackbot is compact in size, measuring just over 5 feet long and 3 feet tall. This allows it to navigate busy sidewalks with ease. Snackbot travels at a maximum speed of 25 mph and has a range of about 20 miles on a single charge. It also includes many advanced safety features, like a suite of cameras, radars, and sensors to detect obstacles.

Snackbot includes a large lockable compartment that can hold up to 6 shopping bags worth of convenience store items. Customers can unlock the compartment via a unique code sent to their phone once Snackbot arrives. The top of the robot features a colorful LED screen that displays the 7-Eleven logo and cute animated eyes that even blink as it drives. Overall, Snackbot provides a friendly, high-tech delivery experience.

How Snackbot Deliveries Work

The Snackbot delivery process is simple for customers. First, customers place an order on the 7-Eleven app for delivery, selecting from a menu of hundreds of drinks, snacks, groceries, and more. Once the order is prepared at the local 7-Eleven store, the items are carefully loaded into Snackbot’s compartment.

Customers can watch in real-time on a map as Snackbot makes its way to them. The robot navigates autonomously using an array of sensors and cameras. When Snackbot arrives, customers receive an alert and unlock code to access their order from the compartment. Best of all, deliveries by Snackbot are free for 7-Eleven customers – no fees or tips required.

Snackbot in Action: Current and Future Deliveries

Snackbot started with small pilots on select college campuses back in 2016, but recently 7-Eleven has expanded the program. Now over 100 Snackbots are in operation, delivering to neighborhoods, office parks, and other areas in several major US cities. Some of the current Snackbot delivery zones include Washington DC, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Austin, Miami, and more.

One major advantage of Snackbot is its ability to operate in densely populated urban locations. Snackbot can navigate busy city sidewalks and reach customers within a 3 mile radius of 7-Eleven stores. This makes it ideal for metro downtowns.

7-Eleven also continues to add new features to Snackbot. In the near future, some Snackbots will have the ability to serve as mobile billboards. Companies and advertisers will be able display ads and special promotions on the LED screens and sides of the robot while it drives.

Additionally, 7-Eleven is exploring options for customers to purchase items directly from Snackbot. Select Snackbots may include vending features that allow payment by credit card, digital wallet, or 7-Eleven app. This would enable true on-demand purchasing without pre-ordering.

The service has become incredibly popular in the regions it has launched so far, with over 1 million deliveries completed by Snackbots to date. It’s clear that consumers have embraced the convenience and novelty of robot delivery. As such, 7-Eleven plans to expand Snackbots to many more US cities in the near future, bringing this high-tech delivery method to even more customers.

Benefits of Snackbot Deliveries

There are many benefits to having snacks and drinks delivered by an autonomous robot like Snackbot:

– Convenience: Customers can order items 24/7 and receive them quickly without having to go anywhere. Snackbot brings the products straight to their location.

– Low Cost: With no delivery fees or driver tips, Snackbot offers an affordable way to get goods on-demand. Customers simply pay for the items themselves.

– Speed: Robots can deliver faster than humans in many cases, especially when there is high traffic or congestion. Snackbot takes optimal routes.

– Fun and Novelty: Customers enjoy the unique and engaging experience of a robot showing up at their home or office with 7-Eleven goodies. It’s an exciting technological advancement.

– Sustainability: Robots like Snackbot run on electricity, reducing carbon emissions and pollution from gas vehicles. They support sustainability initiatives.

– Safety and Reliability: Snackbot undergoes rigorous levels of testing and programming to ensure it operates safely on roads and walkways. The autonomous tech works reliably in most weather and urban conditions.

Snackbot represents the exciting future of automated deliveries. For 7-Eleven customers who enjoy the convenience of delivery without the wait or cost of a driver, Snackbot provides the perfect solution. It’s allowing 7-Eleven to keep pace with the on-demand economy while still providing the great service it’s known for.

The Challenges Facing Snackbot

However, rolling out fleets of delivery robots across the country still has some major challenges to overcome. Here are some of the biggest obstacles facing 7-Eleven and Snackbot:

– Regulations: Laws regarding self-driving vehicles vary widely across states, cities, and local municipalities. Navigating the patchwork of regulations will be tricky as 7-Eleven expands the program.

– Weather Conditions: While Snackbot performs well in most climates, harsh weather like heavy rain, snow, and ice still present challenges for the robot’s navigation and safety systems.

– Connectivity: The robot relies on constant internet connectivity to function properly. Limited connectivity in certain areas could cause issues.

– Sidewalk Access: While less of an issue than for full-size autonomous vehicles, gaining permission to utilize sidewalks and crosswalks in all areas is still a logistical challenge.

– Safety Concerns: Any accidents or incidents involving Snackbot could raise concerns about public safety, setting back progress, despite Snackbot’s overall safe design.

– Security: Preventing hacking, theft, or tampering with the robots will require diligent security measures and system hardening by 7-Eleven and Nuro.

However, continued innovation and design improvements will help Snackbot overcome most of these hurdles. Given the massive efficiency and cost benefits of delivery robots, 7-Eleven has major incentive to make the technology work at scale.

Snackbot and the Future of Delivery

It’s an exciting time for autonomous delivery vehicles. While Snackbot started with a small 7-Eleven pilot program just a few years ago, it’s now grown into a full-fledged service making thousands of deliveries per day. And 7-Eleven has even bigger visions for the future.

Looking ahead, fleets of delivery robots like Snackbot could become commonplace on roads and sidewalks across the world. Snackbot represents a major milestone in automated delivery tech and business models. It shows the massive potential of robots to provide services historically performed by humans.

For consumers, it means even more convenience and access to on-demand services at lower costs. Meanwhile, businesses benefit from faster delivery times and reduced labor costs. It’s a big win for both sides.

There will undoubtedly be continued challenges as autonomous vehicles expand. But with such major economic and social benefits, delivery robots seem poised to open up a new era in automated conveniences. For now, customers are thrilled to get their favorite 7-Eleven snacks delivered efficiently by such a high-tech helper as Snackbot. It won’t be long before robot deliveries are simply part of everyday life.

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