Here’s your last chance to buy an Oculus Quest 2 for $199

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Meta has announced that the Oculus Quest 2 virtual reality headset will be available for its lowest price ever – just $199 USD – from now until the end of the year. This represents the last chance for interested consumers to purchase the standalone VR device at this remarkable price point before it reverts back to the usual $299 MSRP in 2023.

The discounted $199 pricing had previously been offered by Meta as a holiday promotion over the last two years. However, this time it is being positioned as the final opportunity to buy the entry-level 128GB Quest 2 model at this reduced cost before Meta looks to sunset the device in favor of future hardware releases.

The Oculus Quest 2 was first launched in October 2020 as the successor to the original Oculus Quest. Priced at $299 for the base model, the Quest 2 delivered significant upgrades like 1832×1920 resolution per eye, 50% more pixels than the first Quest, and a faster Snapdragon XR2 processor. It also swapped out the original Quest’s OLED displays for fast-switching LCDs, which helped reduce motion blur.

Just a year after launch, Meta introduced the $199 discounted pricing for the 128GB model in an effort to drive holiday sales and VR adoption. The company made the same $199 price tag available for Black Friday and the holidays in 2021. However, this time Meta has stated that the $199 deal will not be extended past 2022.

For consumers yet to try out VR, or who have been waiting for the most affordable price point, this represents the best opportunity to purchase the Oculus Quest 2 at $199 before the price goes away for good. Once 2023 hits, the device will revert to $299 MSRP for the 128GB model and $399 for the 256GB version.

At $199 including free shipping, the Oculus Quest 2 delivers an incredible value as both an entry-level VR headset and wireless portable VR console. There are a few key factors driving interest in the offer:

– All-In-One Design – The Quest 2 does not require a gaming PC or external devices. The onboard Snapdragon processor powers the VR experience completely untethered. This makes it easy to set up and use anywhere.

– Huge Content Library – The Quest store provides access to over 300 apps and games with many cross-buy titles also included free with Oculus Rift. Hit franchises like Beat Saber are available.

– Advanced Hand Tracking – The built-in cameras enable controlled navigation of the system UI and select apps using just your hands. No controllers needed.

– Oculus Link Support – Connecting a USB cable allows playing Oculus Rift games on a VR gaming PC for a hybrid experience.

– Multiplayer & Social – Built-in multiplayer support across games like Rec Room and shared spaces like Meta Horizon Venues bring people together through VR.

– Future Proof – Meta plans to support the Quest 2 with updates even after future hardware releases. So it will continue to be a capable device.

For new VR customers who want an easy, all-in-one entry point into high quality VR experiences, the Oculus Quest 2 offers unmatched value and accessibility at $199. And for existing VR enthusiasts looking for a second device or replacement upgrade, it may be prudent to purchase at this price before stock runs out.

The $199 promotion comes ahead of Meta’s anticipated next generation headset release in 2023, which is rumored to be called the Oculus Quest 3 or Meta Quest 3. With the company signaling that the Quest 2 is nearing the end of its commercial life in favor of future headsets, this does look like the last call to buy the device at such a heavily discounted rate.

Once 2023 arrives, Meta will likely want to steer interested buyers towards whichever new VR device they launch next. And with new technology comes the likelihood of a higher launch price point. So this $199 deal on Quest 2 now may not be matched for subsequent headset models.

For current Quest 2 owners, Meta has confirmed continued support for the headset with regular software updates even after new hardware is released. So purchasing the 128GB version at $199 can still be worthwhile as an extra device for fitness tracking, shared VR gaming, or use in another room. Especially since Meta rolled out 120Hz support for the device last year.

But anyone holding off for future price drops on Quest 2 may want to take advantage of this final chance at $199. Meta is eager to promote its next generation devices starting next year, so significant Quest 2 discounts seem unlikely moving forward.

In summary, Meta offering the Oculus Quest 2 at just $199 through the 2022 holiday season represents a final opportunity for consumers to purchase the standalone VR headset at an incredibly affordable price point. With Meta planning new headset launches next year, the Quest 2 will soon revert to a $299 base price tag. So interested buyers should act fast to grab the $199 deal before it expires as Meta phases the device out in favor of the future.

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