Get an unlocked refurbished 4G iPad Mini 4 with 128GB for just $290



In the world of tablets, Apple’s iPad Mini line has long provided a compelling blend of portability and functionality. And with holiday deals now in full effect, one model in particular stands out for its mix of value and utility: the cellular-enabled 128GB iPad Mini 4. While no longer Apple’s flagship small tablet, the Mini 4 remains a capable device – and at the refurbished price of just $290, it’s an unbelievable bargain for anyone seeking productivity and entertainment in an ultra-portable form factor. In this guide, we’ll break down why the cellular-enabled Mini 4 hits a sweet spot for budget-minded buyers and how to get one in refurbished condition at an unbeatable price.

Overview of the iPad Mini 4

First released in 2015, the iPad Mini 4 very much represents the pinnacle of small tablet design of that era. It sports a 7.9-inch Retina display crammed into a svelte 6.1mm thick body weighing just 0.65 pounds. That sharp, vibrant screen strikes a terrific size balance between portability and usability. Compared to full-size iPads, the Mini 4 offers 70% of the screen real estate in a package less than 60% of the volume. And unlike the diminutive iPhone, the Mini 4 remains easily pocketable while still delivering ample visual workspace for productivity.

Under the hood, an Apple A8 system-on-a-chip provides smooth performance perfect for apps, games, web browsing, media consumption, and basic creative work. A 16-core GPU handles graphical tasks with ease. And the Mini 4 stretched Apple’s tablet battery life even further, managing up to 10 hours of active use. While no longer cutting edge, the Mini 4’s specifications still deliver a snappy experience perfect for all forms of mobile use.

Connectivity, Accessories and Ecosystem

One of the Mini 4’s biggest assets is its seamless integration into Apple’s broader hardware and software ecosystem. It syncs flawlessly with everything from MacBooks to iPhones for a unified digital experience. The Apple Pencil turns it into a portable sketchpad and notepad. Accessories like Apple’s Smart Keyboard further enhance productivity. And it runs the same full-fledged iPadOS software as newer models to access Apple’s massive app library. The robust cross-compatibility makes it the perfect complementary tablet for iPhone users.

Perhaps most importantly, a 4G LTE cellular data option untethers the iPad Mini 4 from wi-fi networks. The freedom to access apps and information from anywhere via fast LTE connectivity makes old-fashioned wi-fi only tablets feel instantly outdated. With cellular data, the Mini 4 transforms into a productivity and creativity engine no matter where your travels take you. For the $130 premium over wi-fi models, the flexibility is well worth it.

Refurbished Value

While Apple no longer manufactures new iPad Mini 4 units, refurbished models offer tremendous value. Refurbishment entails full reconditioning and restoration to like-new quality from Apple or authorized partners. All hardware is thoroughly inspected, tested, repaired, and cleaned. Any worn or defective components get replaced with genuine Apple parts. The final units then get repackaged safely and undergo final quality assurance. Purchasing refurbished nets you a device indistinguishable from brand new but at a sizable discount.

In the case of cellular iPad Mini 4 units, refurbished 128GB models with full 4G LTE support are available from trusted vendors for approximately $290. Considering these retailed for $559 when new, that represents nearly 50% savings off original MSRP. Compared to more recent iPad Mini generations, it’s hundreds less than even a baseline Mini 5. The combination of refurbishment cost savings and older product status makes the LTE-equipped Mini 4 an unparalleled value combination.

Light and Thin Design

Part of what makes the iPad Mini line so universally appealing is its effortless portability. The Mini 4 embodies that ethos with a wafer-thin 6.1mm chassis – remarkably svelte for the time – and featherlight weight of just 0.65 pounds. That’s actually a hair thinner and lighter than the latest iPad Mini introduced two years ago. The anodized aluminum housing gives it a premium feel while remaining resilient to scuffs and scratches. While keeping the three-color black/white/gold palette, Apple finessed the Mini 4’s styling with subtler antenna lines compared to prior versions.

Overall, the Mini 4 excels at disappearing in bags and pockets for constant easy access. You’ll barely notice tossing it in a jacket pocket, purse, or backpack compartment. But the slim housing still delivers a roomy 7.9-inch screen when needed. The barely-there design enables new ways to stay connected and productive on the go without compromise. It traveled with me effortlessly on numerous commutes, flights, and excursions.

Vibrant Retina Display

While its slim dimensions impress, it’s the vivid screen that makes the iPad Mini shine each time you fire it up. The 7.9-inch IPS panel uses Apple’s excellent Retina technology for pixel density indistinguishable from printed paper. Crisp text, sharp graphics, and punchy photos make the Mini 4 perfect for everything from iBooks to web browsing to photo editing. Even better, the gapless laminated design brings pixels right to the surface for added clarity. An anti-reflective coating keeps glare at bay when working outside or in bright rooms.

In terms of resolution, the 2048×1536 display offers the same density as larger iPads but in a more compact package. I found that ample for working with two documents or apps side-by-side via iPadOS split-screen multitasking. The overall screen real estate splits the difference nicely between a cramped iPhone and the bigger commitment of a full-size tablet. Whether playing graphically rich games, editing family photos, or reading magazines, the Mini’s screen casts a spell with its lifelike visuals.

Smooth Performance

Under the hood, an Apple A8 chipset powers the iPad Mini 4 with the same blazing speed found in the iPhone 6s. Along with 2GB of RAM, it zips through iPadOS and apps with no slowdown or sluggishness. Apple’s Metal graphics framework lets the embedded GPU chew through visually rich games and media editing workloads. Though no longer cutting edge, the iPad Mini 4’s specifications hold up admirably years later thanks to Apple’s foresight and craftsmanship. It feels instantly responsive across the range of functions.

In benchmarks, the Mini 4 roughly matches the performance of 2018’s iPad 6 – quite impressive for a tablet dating back to 2015. Real-world use bears out that responsiveness across productivity apps, creative tools, web browsing, and more. Unlike some budget tablets, the Mini 4 really delivers PC-like multitasking for the same great iPad experience as higher end models. Performance that good years later highlights why well-chosen Apple products make smart long-term investments.

Long Battery Life

Battery life stands as one of the most important aspects of any mobile device. The iPad Mini 4 delivers excellent longevity thanks to efficient architecture and a large internal battery. In most cases, it can last 10 full hours of active use between charges. And real-world battery tests actually exceeded Apple’s estimates, with streaming video running for 13.5 hours in one test. Standby time clocks in at nearly one month before requiring a recharge.

That means the Mini 4 never leaves you high and dry mid-flight or during a long workday away from electrical outlets. The longevity reduces battery anxiety and lets you focus on productivity and fun rather than continued scrambles for external battery packs and chargers. When combined with cellular connectivity’s untethered versatility, power that lasts all day amplifies possibilities for distance collaboration, entertainment, and content creation wherever imagination takes you.

iPadOS Software Environment

Hardware matters little without equally polished software. Here the iPad Mini 4 shines by running Apple’s refined iPadOS platform. iPadOS expands iOS with more advanced multitasking capabilities – like split-view app tiling and drag & drop between apps – to boost productivity. Desktop-class Safari browsing and file management enhance web use and document wrangling. And specialized toolsets transform the Mini 4 into a capable creative sketchpad, editing bay, or music studio depending on the application.

iPadOS means the Mini 4 leaps far beyond typical tablet software environments with a rich catalog of pro apps. And full iOS app compatibility completes the picture with hundreds of thousands of mobile-optimized programs from leading developers. Even in its latter years, the Mini 4 remains a thoroughly modern tablet thanks to Apple’s state-of-the-art operating system. The software support ensures it can continue meeting mobile computing needs well into the 2020s.

Connectivity Strengths

In addition to wireless networking, the Mini 4 line showcases some of Apple’s most versatile physical connectivity options. A standard headphone jack facilitates private listening or audio mixing. Integrated Bluetooth 4.2 LE handles synchronization with wireless headsets and keyboards. Apple’s proprietary Smart Connector edge interface powers add-ons like keyboard cases. And the Lightning port does everything from syncing to media importing while supporting countless peripherals.

With the unlocked LTE model, you also get integrated mobile data connectivity from the nanoSIM card slot. That opens opportunities for internet access, communications, and cloud functionality anywhere without hunting for hotspots. For road warriors and mobile professionals, that flexibility can prove priceless. The combination of wired ports and wireless networking give the Mini 4 broad accessory and internet compatibility – a tablet truly tailored for our connected world.

Pro-Grade Camera

Unlike many budget tablets, the iPad Mini 4 didn’t cut corners on imaging capabilities. It matches other contemporary iPad models with an 8MP rear iSight camera. That allows capturing crisp, vibrant photos and 1080p video. A speedy ƒ/2.4 aperture lens gathers plenty of light for sharp shots even in dim indoor settings. The sensor also does double duty for FaceTime video calls with the front 1.2MP FaceTime HD camera. While not a substitute for your smartphone or DSLR, the Mini 4 holds its own for mobile photography and documentation.

The built-in Photos app provides robust image editing tools too, like lighting adjustment, filters, and cropping. Photographers can even use the Apple Pencil for tactile editing tweaks. Advanced camera apps from iOS developers offer even more customization and control. Given its portable form factor, the Mini 4 makes a surprisingly capable imaging sidekick. Photo opportunities frequently arise while using it on the go. And built-in editing power lets you quickly fine tune shots captured on a whim to share ready social media gems.

Touch ID Security

In your personal mobile computing, security is paramount. The iPad Mini 4 provides robust protection through Apple’s advanced Touch ID fingerprint recognition. At the time, the Mini 4 was the first small-screened iPad to get Touch ID – enabling instant secure unlocking with a registered fingerprint. Beyond just unlocking the tablet, Touch ID secures access to sensitive apps, authorizes purchases, enables Apple Pay transactions, and more. Your identity stays protected.

Touch ID also enables useful capabilities like password autofill to alleviate typing. And it streamlines security processes so protection feels convenient rather than cumbersome. Plus the fingerprint authentication often proves quicker and more reliable than typing passwords in cramped mobile contexts. While now standard, at the time Touch ID integration showcased Apple’s dedication to balancing security with elegant usability. It remains a key asset for safeguarding the Mini 4’s contents and services.

Robust Accessory Ecosystem

One of Apple’s greatest strengths lies in its extensive accessory ecosystems, and the iPad Mini 4 taps into a robust range of add-ons. The Apple Pencil previously mentioned transforms it into a capable sketchpad and notebook alternative. Various keyboard cases like Apple’s fabric-wrapped Smart Keyboard or third-party Bluetooth options boost productivity. USB-C adapters enable connecting cameras, musical instruments, and other accessories that use traditional USB connectors. And the tablet’s compact size lends itself to creative mount solutions on drones, bicycles, and vehicles.

For protection on the go, Apple’s Smart Cover snaps on magnetically to shield the screen when not in use. A huge range of protective cases offer drop protection with minimal added bulk. Drawing on years of third-party participation, you can kit out a Mini 4 with everything from game controllers to portable printers and beyond. Considering it is a 3-year-old tablet, the diversity of accessories remains impressive. You’ll have no shortage of options to tailor and expand the Mini’s capabilities.

Environmental Responsibility

While scoring an incredible deal, buying refurbished also prevents a capable device from going to waste. Refurbishment puts gently used products back in circulation rather than relegating them to landfills. That alone gives a small but meaningful boost to sustainability efforts. But for environmentally conscious shoppers, Apple has accumulated an admirable track record of responsibility initiatives like renewable energy, recyclable materials, and supply chain oversight. So you can take pride in aligning your purchase with values beyond just saving money.

While compact, the iPad Mini 4 itself exhibits efficient engineering with its streamlined aluminum construction. And iPadOS incorporates many battery saving optimizations to maximize useful lifespan per charge. Responsible disposal and recycling programs aim to recover materials for future products. So from production to usage to eventual recycling, the Mini 4 reflects conscientious design and stewardship. Being green and being frugal need not be mutually exclusive as this stellar deal proves.

Educational Potential

The iPad Mini 4’s grab-and-go portability makes it a perfect educational companion for students of all ages. Its petite form factor slides easily into backpacks and bags without adding burden. The bright Retina display helps vividly showcase digital textbooks and graphics-rich lessons. Fast performance keeps up with homework and studying needs. And the App Store offers a world of learning apps to augment studies.

Students also benefit from Apple’s strong commitment to accessibility features and accommodations. Options like narrated screen reading aid absorbing lessons and test prep. With Apple Pencil support, the Mini 4 works great for handwritten notes and sketching diagrams. And the full iPadOS software environment prepares students for modern workplace environments. As education continues adopting technology, the iPad Mini 4 delivers a stellar blend of learning assistance and flexibility.

Business User Appeal

With premium build quality and cross-compatibility with Apple’s ecosystem, the iPad Mini 4 offers wide utility for business users on the move. Its slim profile slips easily into briefcases and carry bags without adding noticeable heft. Ten hours of battery life keep it humming through extended meetings or long flights away from AC outlets. Fast LTE connectivity ensures access to critical information and communications in the field. And business-focused apps in the iOS library boost productivity across numerous industries.

The Mini 4 works seamlessly across Apple’s own suite of professional software. But the open iPadOS platform also connects extensively with critical business infrastructure: secure enterprise networks, virtual desktop environments, CRM software, cloud storage services, online conferencing and communication tools, and beyond. While streamlined for consumers, the Mini 4 brings many work-ready capabilities for adopting mobile business strategies. And the reasonable refurbished pricing makes outfitting whole teams easy.

Media Consumption Machine

While great for productivity, one of the Mini 4’s standout strengths remains sheer media enjoyment. Its compact size makes it an ideal travel companion for long flights or road trips. The lightweight build enables comfortable one-handed reading or viewing without tiring. The speedy performance drives smooth video playback and quick launches for news, games, and apps. And the gorgeous Retina display provides an immersive visual experience that large-screen phones still can’t match.

Whether catching up on news podcasts or binging a favorite Netflix show, the Mini 4’s media capabilities entertain for hours on end. Support for split-screen multitasking lets you reference other content or chat socially while streaming videos. Integration with iTunes and Apple Music facilitates building extensive offline media libraries for situations without internet access. And new services like Apple Arcade bring mobile-optimized games to the platform. If you love movies, music, books, and more on the go, the Mini 4 satisfies like few other compact devices can.

Social Connection

Staying in touch with family, friends, and followers represents another strength of the iPad Mini 4. Apps like FaceTime and Skype enable crystal clear video calls around the globe. Top-notch wireless networking keeps you in contact anywhere a cellular or Wi-Fi signal reaches. Social apps like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are perfect for the 7.9-inch screen size. The powerful cameras let you snap and share pictures wherever inspiration strikes. And cellular support means never losing connections out in the world.

Messaging apps also work seamlessly to stay in touch via text, voice, or video chats. Shared photo libraries and Family Sharing features bring you closer together. Portable accessories like wireless selfie sticks capture memorable moments with groups. And modern iPadOS multitasking makes juggling conversations easier than ever. For those looking to stay socially engaged on trips or busy days out, the Mini 4 keeps you plugged into the people that matter most with incredible convenience.

Gaming Powerhouse

Don’t let its slim exterior fool you – the iPad Mini 4 stands tall among mobile gaming platforms. Apple’s A8 processor and Metal graphics framework power immersive 3D experiences and silky smooth gameplay rivaling Nintendo’s Switch handheld. The App Store gives access to smash hits like Minecraft, Fortnite, and Roblox with expansive cross-platform multiplayer support. Apple Arcade offers a growing catalog of 100+ exclusive games unencumbered by ads or in-app purchases. And iOS compatibility means hundreds of thousands of simple time-wasters, puzzles, and board games offer quick entertainment too.

While compact, the 7.9-inch screen strikes a nice balance between portability and playability. And game-focused accessories like Bluetooth controllers work seamlessly to boost the gaming experience. Whether passing time with brain-teasing sudoku or blasting enemies in a multiplayer shooter, the Mini 4 brings serious game…in an easily portable package. Gaming and tablets go hand in hand, and the Mini 4 brings top-tier entertainment wherever the day’s adventures take you.

Local Storage Space

With 128 gigs, the Mini 4 offers peace of mind through spacious on-board capacity. You’ll never need to stress about managing or choosing what to save locally. That flexibility proves invaluable for frequent travelers venturing to remote locations. The same local storage enables students to carry entire semester worths of e-textbooks and notes. And business users can store presentations, documents, and multimedia demos to access reliably on the go. Especially for a cellular-connected device designed for mobility, ample local storage space enhances productivity and entertainment potential.

Extreme Portability

While its capabilities impress, the iPad Mini 4’s standout feature remains its effortless portability. At just 6.1mm thick and 0.65 pounds light, it tucks easily into purses, shoulder bags, suit jackets, and even large pants pockets. I’ve found it perfect for tossing into my backpack on road trips and hikes without noticing the extra bulk. The slender aluminum body slips neatly between books and magazines if your main carryall is already stuffed. And the lightweight build avoids shoulder and neck strain, unlike heavier tablets.

That extreme portability frees your entertainment, browsing, communication, and other tablet needs from bulky restrictions. It transforms any excursion into an opportunity to work and play. Built-in cellular connectivity further enhances on-the-go potential by keeping you connected virtually everywhere modern mobile networks reach. Few devices balance such potent functionality with similarly grab-and-go dimensions. The Mini 4’s barely-there design enables you to pack serious capabilities without packing weight or hassle.

One-Handed Operation

While the iPad Mini’s 7.9-inch screen accommodates usable virtual workspace, it’s still small enough for easy one-handed use. That allows effortless operation while standing in line, riding public transit, or any other scenario where two-handed tablet use proves cumbersome. You can easily wake, unlock, and navigate the Mini 4 with just a thumb – leaving your other hand free for holding bags, railings, coffee cups, or anything else your day demands.

That convenience extends to reading, viewing content, messaging, and playing casual games on the go. The lightweight build avoids hand and wrist fatigue that bulkier one-handed slates eventually cause. And iOS has extensive optimizations tailored specifically for thumb use like bottom app docks and expanded tap targets. If you’ve ever struggled balancing a full-size iPad while juggling life’s other priorities, the Mini 4 delivers that big-screen experience in a singularly manageable one-handed form.


While already a standout value at its $290 refurbished price point, the unlocked iPad Mini 4 offers further affordability advantages. Signing up with carriers offering prepaid data plans lets you pay only for the mobile data actually used each month. Budget monthly plans from Walmart’s Straight Talk, Target’s Red Pocket Mobile, and H2O Wireless keep connectivity costs low. And many plans allow rollover data and pooled data sharing across devices to maximize value.

Factor in how cellular connectivity enables reducing reliance on paid public wi-fi, and the mobility savings add up. Ditching a separate hotspot device also trims costs over the Mini 4’s lifetime. For students and professionals, the tablet unlocks productivity to justify the price through improved learning and earning opportunities. And if purchased via a credit card with cell phone protection, you can avoid costly device replacement fees. However you look at it through savings, productivity, or otherwise, the iPad Mini 4 brings outstanding tech value.

Environmental Friendliness

As mentioned earlier, giving the iPad Mini 4 new life via refurbishment keeps it out of landfills and lenghtens its useful life. But Apple’s environmental initiatives span far beyond recycling. Their devices utilize aluminum, glass, and other recyclable materials extensively. Renewable energy powers production facilities along with proprietary solar farms. Energy efficiency measures maximize battery life. And new robotics and recycling processes recover valuable materials.

Apple also works tirelessly to minimize paper waste and packaging across its supply and distribution chains. In retail stores, the company heavily promotes paperless receipts and returns to preserve forests. iPadOS and Apple’s other platforms also aim to dematerialize books, documents, tickets, payments, and more daily activities. So choosing an iPad Mini 4 aligns perfectly with reducing your environmental footprint through digitization and green technology.

Reliable Support

Given you’re purchasing refurbished, it’s understandable to have questions about ongoing support. But with Apple’s premier support network and optional AppleCare+ extended protection, you can rest assured your iPad Mini 4 will be covered. Apple’s standard one year limited warranty on refurbished products protects against defects. You can easily extend coverage further with AppleCare+ for two full years of prioritized technical support and affordable accident protection. Local Genius Bar locations provide experts to diagnose issues and repairs.

Software updates ensure you get ongoing iPadOS improvements and security patches. Additional iCloud storage helps keep irreplaceable photos, documents, and device backups ironclad. And wireless carrier support handles any cellular activation or connectivity issues. Between Apple’s support network and authorized service options, the Mini 4 remains in good hands well beyond the purchase date. Extended peace of mind makes the deal even sweeter.


With its undeniably capable specifications, immaculate craftsmanship, and refined operating system, the iPad Mini 4 remains a stunningly advanced tablet years after launch. Finding one unlocked, configured with ample 128GB storage, and equipped with all-important LTE connectivity at just $290 refurbished is an absolute steal. For the many consumers who don’t need the absolute latest specs but value mobility, productivity, and top-tier tablets, the iPad Mini 4 represents a nearly unbeatable combination of quality and value. And enjoying peace of mind thanks to Apple’s highly reputable support and refurbishment processes makes the purchase even more risk-free. For your tablet needs, it doesn’t get better than this.

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